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Cleric Buffbot Template

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Note: This is not meant to be a template for an active playing rvr cleric since it lacks of con, hits and much resists. I instead maximized anything you could need when using this Cleric as Buffbot and/or Healbot in pve. That beeing said:



Piety: 101
Dex: 101

11 Rejuvenation
11 Enhancement
11 Smite

Cap Increasements:
26 Dex
26 Piety
50 Power
50 Power Percentage Bonus(%)

Other Boni:
75 Power Percentage Bonus(%)
25 Buff Bonus(%)
25 Healing Bonus(%)
25 Spell Duration Bonus(%)
10 Archery/Casting Speed Bonus(%)
10 Archery/Spell Range Bonus(%)
4 Archery/Spell Damage Bonus(%)
12 AF Bonus

Chest: Habergeon of Intrepid Souls (Epic)
Arms: Arms of big's
Head: Arcanium Lightning Etched Chain Helm
Legs: Chausses of Intrepid Souls (Epic)
Gloves: Dragonslayer Holy Mail Gauntlets
Boots: Dragonslayer Holy Mail Boots
Weapon: Cleric Dextera Mace (CL)
Shield: Crafted (5 Dex Cap, 16 Dex, 1 Con, 28 Hits, 15 Power) with stable shifting netherium tincture (special charge that transfers life)
Necklace: Zahur's Necklace
Cloak: Astral Cloak of the Seraph
Jewel: Gem of Heavenly Bodies
Belt: Belt of Heavenly Bodies
Ring 1: Ring of Calm
Ring 2: Construct Forged Ring
Bracer 1: Bracer of Snow
Bracer 2: Maleficent Darkspire Arcane Bracer

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Nice one


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