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[Sticky] There is a new Version of the Portal software available (update v.08)

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There is a new Version of the Portal software available:


New included: An Forum link button, client download button and an setup help link.



Version v.05 is now aviable:

New implemented is a auto update for the Servers online status.


Update II:

Version v.06 is now aviable:

The Charpaln 1.109 and Moras 2.4 is now integrated. (no install needed)


Update III:

Fixes a bug where the server is listed as online but is not and fixes another bug that pings the server too often and can generate lag.


Update IIII:

Attension: To prevent using of older Versions, you must now download the lastest version 0.8 to connect to the server (older versions will not longer get connected and says: status: offline).




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