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 I'll try to build a collection of information that might be new to new players. This is a first version and I'll make sure to keep it updated.

  • most importantly: download the client of this website! If you use other clients, border keeps might be invisible, hit chances in PvE too low (I saw people dying to blue con mobs), keeps white, keeps not raidable to you (because you'll see 2 outer gates while there is only one, second one can't be attacked then), riding not working, crafting not working, and so on.
  • /on to see how many players are online per realm
  • grey keeps are currently disabled due to server population. there's no lord inside, don't try to raid them
  • RvR timer when switching realms is currently 7 days. once a week when your timer runs out, your timer will be set to the realm you're currently on or logging to the first time after that date. It doesn't matter whether you enter RvR zones or not. Check your timer with /realmtimer show
  • there's a teleporter for Labyrinth and POC in one of the two border keeps
  • there's a teleporter in the starting area and the capital for dungeons, that also covers SI dungeons (Sidi, Galladoria, ...) and epic zones, right in front of the dragon
  • all dragon drops can be bought for dragonscales in the capitals
  • bonus xp for additional group members
  • /level 20 if you already have a lvl 50 toon on your account
  • there's no rent for houses. you should pay the first month though to be sure
  • in order to gain CL xp, do the quest in front of the border keeps (RvR can begin): raid a tower and kill 2 guards to get to CL10 (also: 600 RPs. it's repeatable)
  • RP tasks to raid towers or keeps at the commander can be chosen: /whisper tower capture crauchon spire
  • to get MLs it's sufficient to kill the .10 mobs, you can port to each one directly
  • ML10 portal can be found permanently NW of Stygia
  • dragonslayer armor: there's a quest NPC in the epic zones which demands the head of one of the mini dragons (doable solo with a bb) in exchange for a set of dragonslayer armor
  • DF is permanently open to all realms
  • the GM released a lootlist on the old board, you can find a copy here:
  • siegecrafting isn't implemented. buy rams at the border keeps. to build them, just drop them on the ground
  • merchant stones (summons a merchant) can be bought in the throne room. travelling vaults (usable only once) in the capitals
  • each guild can claim 2 keeps/towers at the same time
  • 2 people needed to claim a tower, 4 for a keep
  • 4 people needed to form a guild



  •  crafting is super fast!
  • you can download an autoclicker next to the client. don't use it for anything but crafting
  • 300 woodworking needed to repair doors. it seems you can't repair razed towers yet
  • you can train sideskills without a main trade (e.g. only metalworking)
  • to add gems or procs to an item, you need to press shift+C to get the 'craft' button
  • there's merchants in the capital for all special ingredients (Ancient Giant Blood, Lich Tooth and so on)


  • dragonslayer weapons aren't implemented (but might be one day)
  • infernal sleeves can be found for bp in the starting zones
  • medal of honor can be purchased for bp next to the king
  • arcane/adept/mighty/... belt of the vigilant: drop from different mobs in frontiers (magnus alfra, green knight...)
  • gem of the harbinger and bracelet of springtime folly: bunny on agramon (respawn 6h)
  • some custom items from Big and Balou on Agramon (custom mobs)
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Maybe you can add this to your list.


  • Most raids, mobs etc. are doable with only a Tank (or other Farmclass) + BB. So it's a lot easier to farm equip.


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  • there's no /use timer on freshly equipped items. You can switch in items for their /use, but the effect (morphs and so on) is lost when you take them off
  • currently you can always port out of keeps, no matter if you have all towers
  • epic quests consist of only one step:
  • claimed keeps don't cost any BP
  • keep doors and walls will repair themselves after a while
  • you don't need to worry about auto train. you will definitely get full AT points, no matter how you skill. they might not show up during leveling. after a respec you always have them

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16/08/2018 1:25 pm  

updated some points... also:

  • currently it's not possible to change starting stats again at a later point, even if the client offers it. (same for looks)
  • one house per account (across all realms)


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