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[Sticky] User policies for the DoL Freeshard Server "Brotherland II" (Rules updated 15.06.20)

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The Basics:

The Behavior-Guidlines of the liveservers apply to our server as well

§1.1 All players who play on the Brotherland II Server have to provide the possibility in all Realms (Albion / Midgard / Hibernia) Characters and to record the Server with these independently of each other (only in one Realm at the same Time).

§1.2 Additionally: if you want to play on multiple/all Realms in one household, you have to apply for permission by the Administrator via the Forum or the support.

§2 It concerns, on this occasion, a Server, that tries to provide the whole extent, so including all Enlargements, the MMORPG "Dark Age of Camelot" for the users. The play Management tries to provide all contents within the scope of her temporal and technical possibilities and extends the whole play surface bit by bit. Discussions about the put Content and his extent are not led.

§2.1 The Brotherland II server, although is an international server, but here the the primary language is English. Alternatively, you can use the German language, since most of the GMs / Admins speaks it.
Other languages we do not support. This applies to all server and forum areas. Otherwise we would have to take into account all the other languages. All requests, posts, or problems that aren't written in English or German, as well as links to other language sites, are not edited by the staff, answered or moderated. Our assessment of incidents in the game and the resulting punishment is carried out in the above supported languages.
We assume that every player who wants to participate in this community also followed this rule of communication. No one is required, unless he so agrees, to be a part of it.

§3 Every user undertakes to the instructions of the play Management to perform result.

§3.1 If is not obeyed the directions of the game administration, appropriate action is taken.

§3.2 Every Gamemaster / Administrator is authorized to issue instructions to the players in the game.

§3.3 Gamemaster are all equal, only the Administrator of the Brotherland II is authorized to issue them.

§3.4 The game supervisor will not discuss fixed rules and instructions.

§4 The play Management exists of Administrator and Gamemasters.

§4.1 The game management distanced itself from any kind of cheating, applied no matter by what means. The entire game administration believes that any kind of fraud is no space on the server.

§4.2 The game management will pull out all the stops to keep the game mode to maintain a fair and non cheating. Any fraud will be investigated and everyone will be properly punished hard.

§4.3 The game management is not obliged their decisions / punishments to justify or discuss actions.

§4.4 The game management is committed to list all the penalties taken part in a special forum, that registered users can see it.

§4.5 The decisions of the game management need to incidents no burden of proof, because it has the authority and is committed to handle each case neutral and to study diligently.

§4.6 An explanation / presentation of the investigative methods of fraud incidents by the game management does not occur.

§4.7 If the game management, will be reporteda a case of fraud by players, you must have a proof of the accusation added (in most cases, a meaningful game screenshot). Only this proof is the game management after the fall. The
evidence is required by game management to avoid the possibility of a denunciation of disapproval / to its own advantage.

§4.8 The game management does not accept statements from players or third parties as evidence or to rebut an incident.

§4.9 It is omitted to subject the game management that it treats individual players better than others and / or give them especially under the arms (both in PvM , and in RvR). Further, it is to refrain from criticizing the game management,
even in the game to cheat or be involved in any incidents of fraud to any of them have advantages.

§4.10 All offensive players of the game managament will be punished immediately and hard.

§5 Supporting to the play Management are in all rich assistants of the Brotherland II. These stand to the Game Comunity with words and deeds aside. They hold exactly like all the others only the player's status and are instruction-authorised to nobody or have the intervention rights of the Admin or Gamemasters. Management, or Gamemaster interfere with the RvR events. That's why no Keeps and towers become claimed by her Guilds.

§5.1 The game management is fair to all realms. They preferred none of the three realms and does not contribute to decision of imperial struggles (this applies to the activity of the specific Gamemaster-/Adminaccounts) . Participation in the game takes place with their separate player accounts.

§5.2 The game management is fair to all players. No one is preferred or particularly supported by the game administration, neither in RvR, even in PVE. All players are getting the same treatment (this also applies to punishments.

§6 All players who move Brotherland II in the play World recognise with the Login on the Server the following Rules. With offences by the Player the play Management can take suitable measures to put through these Rules.

§6.1 The use and validity of the rules extends to the server forum. For this purpose, in particular the name-, behavior-, chat-, and communications regulations must be observed.

§7 A player with the following basic rules does not agree, it is to be played not obliged on Brotherland II.

§8 Basically all players Brotherland II undertake themselves any time fairly and honestly towards other players and the play Management to hold back.

§9 The game management encourages all players, not their account information to go on to third parties.

§9.1 Each player is responsible for its own accounts and characters, even if third parties have played these accounts and have violated the rules.

Name convention:

§1.1 Player's names with discriminating, Insulting, Racist or also Sexual contents, compared with genders, people, ethnic Groups, Confessions are forbidden to omit etc. and.
§1.2 You may not use names that are harassing or defamatory to other players or Brotherland II Staff.
§1.3 You may not use names of the Brotherland II Staff.
§1.4 You may not use names of copyrighted or trademarked characters, materials or products.
§1.5 You may not use names that contain an inappropriate phrase, an abbreviation, a sentence or any fragment of a sentence.
§1.6 You may not use names where a combination of the first and last names violate any of the above rules.
§1.7 You may not use names that hurt by the wrong spelling, alternative spellings or any of the above rules.

§2 This applys to Playernames, First- and Lastnames, Guildnames and Forumnames.

The play management is to be changed entitled names of this kind with given reason, also without approval of the affected guild / player. According to the gravity of the incident, the play management can also take handing on measures (occasional / lasting spell of accounts, deletion of characters or guilds as well as accounts).

§1 The player is not obliged to take part in the general chat.

§2 Caps writing is valid in the chat as shout / roar. This is to be omitted.

§3 Result is always to be performed to the remarks / sends of the play management to the player / to the player's community. Direct questions of the play management is to be answered.

§4 Chat contents with discriminating, insulting, racist or also sexual contents, compared with genders, people, ethnic groups, confessions are forbidden to omit etc. and.

§5 Spam (also Emotespam) in the chat / status chat is to be omitted in general.

After incidents and, depending on the severity of the incident, the play management could take strong action (reprimand, muting of the player, temporary / permanent ban of accounts, cancellation of characters or guilds and accounts).

Regulate for the PvM:

§1 Multilogin wit more as three Accounts in one of three Realms at the same time is NOT permitted in the

§2 Stickbots (how: Buffbot, Hastebot, Fendbot etc.) are permitted.

§3 Any use of Third party tools (how Farmbots, Multiboxing / Macros to the concurrent controls of several characters, click tool, Craftbots etc.) is forbidden.

§4 Advertisement or, however, also Killleech is forbidden. In general the premise is valid that if a mob was struck, this belongs to that / of that group with his drop which was first in the advertisement or has also struck the mob.

§4.9 Charcters with near same name on other realms for (RvR atction) is not allowed and will we not tolerate!

§5 It is permitted an advertisement / mob several times to Kill. If several prospective customers are found, an agreement is to be concluded among the players that everybody the possibility has to fight against the mob / advertisement.


§5.2 Own Buffbots are allowed in PvE but not for RvR action!

§5.3 Only one House/Guildhouse is supportet per Account, or we dont restore any Items!

§5.4 Account selling/sharing is not allowed !

§6 The play management settles no quarrel-pure between players about the subdivision of drops of a mob. The players are responsible themselves for the fact that drops are distributed fair and fairly.

§7 Is valid in general that announcements about drops with faulty Stats or missing drops are in the server forum in the untercolumn "bugs" to post. Inquiries / tips of this kind to the play management by send are to be omitted.

§8 Information about drops of mob is not given. As a guide the drop list of Allakhazam can serve here. If the Stats with the data bank do not agree, Loot of the mob is not sold short yet. To the player it stands freely for it in the server forum under bugs a tip to post. Of the play management it stands freely the temporal processing of the tip to determine independently. Any inquiries or discomfort moreover by send to the play management are to be omitted.

§9 Information about the Respawntime of a mob is not given. The play management reduces no Respawntime. Any inquiries or discomfort moreover by send to the play management are to be omitted.

§10 The play management takes over no responsibility for the action from objects and money between players. The players are responsible themselves for her carried out trade and with the confirmation of the commercial window they
volunteer to this. However, in general is valid that the players behave together fairly.

§11 Worn, destroyed, stored or however also traded objects, excluded Questitems (nevertheless, no ML-Tokens/Reward-Tokens!), are not substituted with the play management. Any inquiries to the play management, excluded for
Questitems, in this thing are not answered.

§12 To push any inquiries to the play management a character in the level / master level / champion's level / imperial rank / Bountypoints / Craftrang are to be omitted.

§13 Any inquiries for putting up of an i50 trainer to the play management are to be omitted.

§14 Faulty character values and abilities are in the server forum in the untercolumn bugs to post. Inquiries / tips / discomfort of this kind to the play management by send are to be omitted.

§14.1 The use of bad character, item values or skills is considered Bugusing and can be punished by the game management

§15 Putting up / extinguishing of NPCs (for example: Hastener / Porter / Buffbot etc.) / mobs / advertisements in the play scenery lies in the judgement of the play management. Any inquiries or discomfort to the play management moreover, are to be omitted.

§16 All other non-listed reasons for bug reports done as the others on the server forum in oa Section. Urgent reasons such as. Stuck or if a mob is no longer vulnerable but can be made by sending to the game line.

§17 The game supervisor agrees to receive all displayed in the server forum bug reports to check and clean if necessary, but reserves prior to the scheduling of execution to determine.

The play management is to be seized entitled suitable measures with offences of the abovementioned points. According to the gravity of the offence she can warn the player, Banning the account from the player (at times or permanently) or, however, also the affected character / account from you are extinguished. Any inquiries to the play management in the article performed on top are not answered.

Regulate for the PvP/RvR:

§1 Every player is able, however, must not take part in the RvR.

§2 In the border Areas and RvR-Dungeons (Darkness Falls / Passage of Conflict / Labyrinth of the Minotaur) takes place imperial fight. Everybody which proceeds there must reckon on being killed by other Realms. To kill grey opponents is
patient, we, however, is not seen with pleasure.

§2.1 The same applies to the ML10 Dungeon called "Celestius "

§3 There is none 1v1 / 8v8 etc. zone in the RvR. Adding in Fights is not forbidden. Nobody has a claim to his enemy in the RvR.

§4 Multilogins in several Realms at the same time are forbidden.

§5 Every player takes part to the fairness towards other players only with a character at the same time in the RvR events.

§5.1 You are not allowed to login with more than 2 Accounts at the same time for use as Buffbot!

§5.2 Buffbots are only allowed at the borderkeeps of for claiming and must than back to borderkeep.

§5.3 Only one House/Guildhouse each Account is supported, there are no refunds for lost items for any additional house!

§5.4 Account Selling/Sharing is not allowed!

§6 Multilogins to the concurrent participation are forbidden.

§7.1 Buffbots are patient exclusively in the border fortresses of the empires. Any kind of Stickbots are forbidden in the RvR (New Frontier).

§7.2 The only exception are Dungeons, you are allowed to use stickbots in any Dungeon + ML10 Celestious.

§8 Any use of Third party tools (how: Multiboxing / Macros to the concurrent controls of several characters, click tool, radar tool etc.) is forbidden.

§9 Arrangements between the empires to the fight / to duels are forbidden.

§10 So-called RP-Farming, it is in arrangement with other players or a second account, is forbidden.

§11 Announcements about bug user or discomfort upon Realml opponent must be founded, in any case. A deception / Bugusing is not always given. Constant weighting is to be omitted. The play management follows all announcements. The
play management is to be given not obliged information about their course.

§11.1 The messages via the designated column in Brotherland II Server forum.

§12 The play management undertakes all empires to treat immediately.

§13 Wrong character values and skills to post in the server forum in the subcategories of bugs. Questions / Comments / complaints of this nature to the game management by send are to be omitted.

§13.1 The use of bad character, item values or skills and siege weapons is considered Bugusing and can be punished by the game management.

§14 The use of the spawnpoints in the RvR areas is your own risk!.

§14.1 The use of spawnpoints, as area to avoid Realmbattles is not Allowed.

§14.2  Only one siege rammer may be used on the keep Doors.

§14.3 Killing players on the border keeps is prohibited.

§14.4 It is not allowed to claim with more than one guild keeps or tower.



§ 15.5 All types of bugusing will be banished accordingly, we will not allow the player community to be cheated.
§ 15.6 Ignoring instructions from the staff can lead to punishment and even ban in extreme cases.
§ 15.7 We do not discuss rules of the game with the staff.
§ 15.8 Who plays on the server also automatically accepts all game rules as they are given, they are accepted without any ifs and buts.


Addition 03/28/21 DOS / DDOS attacks

§14.9 Anyone who tries to disrupt the server operation or its infrastructure by means of denial of service attacks agrees that they have to pay at least € 500 per hour in compensation if the server operation is severely impaired.

§15.0 Every attack on us will be reported to the police!





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