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Nightshade spec?  


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25/02/2018 12:45 am  

Well, my Build Leader pushed ne to create a NS.

Ich have never played a NS at my active Time (2001 - 2006).

So WhatsApp is a good spec with RR0?


Mein Gildenleiter hat mich genötigt, einen Nachtschatten zu bauen. Da ich in meiner aktiven Zeit nie einen NS hatte was ist für unseren Build ein gutes Setup bei RR0?

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26/02/2018 10:53 am  

Never played a NS, but still read alot about it and fought very often against it with my Pala and Scout 😀

Venom: Spec+11+RR-1 =50
Stealth: Spec+11+RR-1 =50
Weapon: Spec+11+RR-1 =50/(51 ab RR5)

CD (Celtic Dual) and CS (Critical Strike) it's a matter of opinion. In my opinion at low RR: 44CD and the remaining points in CS.


Feel free to correct me if i am wrong

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26/02/2018 4:28 pm  

I'd go for 39 Stealth 39 Envenom 34 CS 39 CD (After evade chain stun) and rest Weapon

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17/03/2018 1:50 pm  

Two builds come to mind at RR 0 . 


39 Stealth

39 Envenom

39 Weapon

44 Celtic Dual


39 Stealth

39 Envenom

39 Weapon

39 Critical Strike

20 Celtic Dual

Strictly speaking a composite of 50 for both Stealth and Blades| Piercing are not required at RR 0, they will help you not getting unstealthed by mobs and guards as well as lowering your miss rates slightly.

Going as low as 36 in both Stealth, Envenom  and Weapon spec for a composite of 47 at RR 0 is viable.

Lifebane ( Lvl 50 Poison)  is a total of 35 more Damage than the previous. Nice to have but not a must-have unlike the Lvl. 47 Con. debuff poison.

Having up to or more than your level in a Weapon(-composite) spec while using advanced styles, such as Celtic Dual, will only result in a decrease of damage spread.

(In Spec 1. this would mean you could also spec 25 in Critical Strikes for Achilles Heel, and in Spec 2. you should spec 44 in Critical Strikes and 25 in Celtic Dual.)


Spec 1. is reliant on Celtic Dual Styles and the extra off-hand swings and is more en lieu to a Blademaster.

Spec 2 relies on Celtic Dual Styles with it's high initial Damage Styles to hopefully kill your target with styles that chain of Perforate Artery


The build Emilia mentions is not viable since the after evade chain stun is at 44 Celtic Dual. 


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