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Patch #194 Power and Healing Barrels, New quest: Tarnished Tradeskill Tools  


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24/09/2020 9:37 pm  
Patch #194 Power and Healing Barrels, New quest for Tarnished Tradeskill Tools
You can now dip into the Power and Healing Barrel Exchanger with 34 pieces of Elixir of instant Heling and Power,
against barrels with 100 charges. The NPC's can be found in Jordheim, Tir na Nog and Camelot.
You expect to use skill 1000+ in Alchemist.
A barrel of each type can be produced once a day.

New quest: Tarnished Tradeskill Tools

Tarnished Weapon Etching Tool
Tarnished Weaponsmith's Knife
Tarnished weaponcrafting hammer

The tools work for all crafing lines.

Quest giver in Camelot Albion: Tailoring Master Coventina Bordin
Quest giver in Tir na Nog Hibernia: Tailoring Master Dunstan
Quest giver in Jordheim Midgard: Tailoring Master Eskil


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