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Spotify, Apple Music And More: What's The Best Music App For You?
Spotify, Apple Music And More: What's The Best Music App For You?
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'This is a small scale trial, crime can be a flashpoint for violence, abuse and anti-social behaviour towards frontline shopworkers that continues to rise and, which affects all retailers - Co-op invests in the latest technologies* to deter this unacceptable behaviour.'





The idea, basically, is that the hip-dac replaces the inferior digital-to-audio converter (Dac) and amplifier in your phone or laptop, allowing you to enjoy music in glorious, bassy, vastly improved quality on your headphones. The downside? You have to carry about four feet of wires and vivaldiaudio fish a metal hipflask out of your pocket to adjust the volume (done, satisfyingly, by twisting the cap).





The best record players compared

































Best overall













Best mainstream













Best step-up













Best plug and play













Best cosmetics













Best for newbies













Best under $100





cts.  'There are so many things wrong with society at the moment - 1.7 million on zero-hour contracts who can't get access to private housing because landlords won't give them the time of day,' Mr Richer





So which music streaming services offer the best combination of price, library size and sound quality? Read on to find an in-depth look at each of the services and a feature comparison, along with a full price breakdown in the chart at the bottom of the page. And if you want the TL;DR, these are the top three.


















Ortofon OM10













Ortofon OM5E













Ortofon OM5E













Audio Technica AT3600L













Audio Technica VM95













Ortofon OM5E













Audio Technica AT3600L





But what's a little bit of lost dignity to a man of my age? The hip-dac is far cheaper than many Dacs (you can pay up to £8,000 if you're completely bonkers), and it sounds belting. It can also play hi-res audio (better than CD) via Tidal - another exciting function for me that makes my wife's eyes instantly glaze over.





Each of the turntable models I tested for this buyer's guide has at least something to recommend it, but a couple stood above the rest with solid builds, user-friendly features and excellent sound quality. Let's dive in and check out the top picks for the best turntable under $300, which I'll update periodically.


















$300 at Fluance













$287 at Amazon













$399 at Turntable Lab













$299 at Amazon













$299 at B&H













starts at $289 at U-Turn













$119 at Amazon





Audio Technica











If you're just starting out in vinyl or looking for cheap turntables to give as a gift, the inexpensive Audio Technica AT-LP60X belt-drive turntable looks to be a good option with fully automatic operation. While we haven't heard the AT-LP60X the previous AT-LP60 model was an excellent performer and appears to be very similar.





Two eerily realistic videos featuring Boris Johnson  (right) and rival Jeremy Corbyn (left) endorsing each other for the role of prime minister have been released by a thinktank to highlight the spread of deep-fake technology





Best services compared

































Amazon Music Unlimited













Apple Music







































YouTube Music





Ty Pendlebury/CNET









The Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO offers everything you want in a player for the money: excellent sound quality, ease of setup and use, and striking looks. You would have to spend twice as much on another brand (*cough* Rega) to get better sound.





The think tank is hoping the video, which uses the biometric data of the two candidates, will encourage all political parties to work together in tackling the threats posed by deepfakes and other online disinformation tactics. 





Above anything else, sound quality is the main reason to upgrade to a better turntable. Compared to an all-in-one design by the likes of Victrola or the cheaper Crosleys, the lack of integrated speakers means the designers can concentrate on things like better motors and upgraded tone-arms. These are hi-fi components that can stand alongside stereo systems worth many thousands of dollars in a way that a $100 turntable can't.





Two eerily realistic videos featuring Boris Johnson and rival Jeremy Corbyn endorsing each other for the role of prime minister have been released by a thinktank to highlight the spread of deepfake technology.





Student discount


























Yes, Price varies by country













Yes, $5, £5 with Hulu and Showtime













Premium: $5, HiFi: $10 (US only)













Yes, $5





There are four main elements to a turntable: the plinth or base, the platter on which the vinyl record sits, the motor vivaldiaudio ( and the arm. Both external and internal noise can affect the sound quality of the vinyl, and the idea is to ensure that vibrations don't travel from one to the other of these components, and the vibrations don't interfere with sound.


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