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About quest Doppelganger  


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27/08/2020 6:14 pm  


I love it very much in the idea of bringing us a new adventure to make better or discover the labyrinth from level 45.

This quest is beautiful !

The player unwittingly, xp wonderfully 1 level or more without looking for himself to xp. Many players do not know the Labyrinth which is nevertheless very rich in items but are limited to going to level 1 without more and does not seek to know the other 3 level of the maze filled with good things.

The only pity, we can only do this quest once ... In other words, we can no longer make our templates freely by limiting ourselves to only 1 bracelet for his character ...

I don't speak only for myself, but working a lot on my tempates to improve them and place something else in my templates to my needs, I sometimes 2 bracelets are welcome,

I must not be the only one who likes to look for performance.

There should be no one template possible per class but to have the opportunity to build it to our choice needs.

We are currently limited to the right to have only 1 Doppelganger bracelet.

I mean it will be really nice, to allow us to do twice this maximum quest.



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