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[Solved] Registered on forum but can not log in to game

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 I registered on the forum but when I long in to game says no such accounts is there what am I don't wrong


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You can create a Game Account by self.


But: Your password and username mut be longer as five letters and you must use the Client from downloads first.



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Im having the same problem, Im tring to make an account for my Daughter

Account : Gylegg

Password is longer than 5 characters

Its saying No Such Accounts

Im using your client downloaded from this site

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The First account on you PC can be created over the DaoC Portal tool from the Download.  (The Board Account is not linked to the Game, of Security Reasons - separate Datasbase)


The Way over the DaoC Portal:

after you download und extract the Gameclient download and install DaoC Portal.
Start DaoC Portal and Setup the Direction to you DaoC 1.109

After that

To create a Gameaccount:
1. Start the DaoC Portal.
2. Selec t in the List the Brotherland II Server
3. At the Login Enter your Wish Login name and your Wish Password.
4. try to login by klick on Play!
5. If ther comes a Massage up, the the Login is wrong, than the Username is already in Use, try a different.

If you wants to create a Second account from the same Location ( PC / IP) you have to contact elcotec ingame over you Main account, so he can allow the second one.


Hope thats Helps.


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