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Account Bugged

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Hi all,

I'm having truble to log using one of the my two accounts.
When i try to log in from any realm/char the loading of the zone do not start and the window game disappears.
The account name is hardy.

I have no problem to log with the other account.

Any help?
Tnx 🙂

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I have checked the client from my side, but it runs without Problems.
So i can not confirm that the client is broken. Can someone check the Client from his side? Best, one with working client with seperate install.


you can try the client dowbnload from the Herald FTP:


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I am not sure if it's a clientproblem for Hardy. I allready had a small conversation with Hardy ingame, because he asked there for advice.


He told me that he have some problems to log his BB-Account. At first i thought it could be the client too.. but after he told me that he can log other accounts without any problems i am  not sure anymore.

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Posted by: Crali

ahh ok i think i understand he cannot create a second account ? because of the error no record for user bla bla ????

 if it is like this, u need to contact schnitte =elcotek to create a second account. Send him Pn with ur Account name u wanna have and ur PW u wanna have 🙂

 Maybe this will work now ! 😀

Told him the same stuff IG 3/4 days ago


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