RVR Schedule: Add your normal times, lets see if we can get some groups from different realms to play at the same time.  


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14/05/2018 5:14 pm  

We have an active 2-3 man if there are things to do between 9pm-11/11:30pm CST most days. We also get a few adds from other guilds, usually older players coming back looking for action as well.

We have an active 2-3 man running on fridays from 8:30am-4:30pm CST as well, which gets some adds just like above.

I can do keep defense between 5pm-9pm CST during the week, but since there isn't a good way for me to determine if there is keep defense to do, I often times do not log in at all, and just ask people in discord if anything is going on if they are on. I would be willing to run a 2 man during this time, if anyone could join me on hib, and we had people to fight.


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