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I'll just want to say hello to the Brotherland-Community. A few things about me, i'm 31 years old, married and don't have as much time to play as i had when i started to play daoc back in 2002. 😀 My first toon back then was a ranger on stonehenge (de). Oh my what a time... i was absolutley clueless what to do. (like everyone else too :D) After the opening of the Server Logres i started there as a Alb, Paladin. And i stayed there till the shutdown. Good times! 🙂

I hope we could have a great time here too, and i am looking forward for my first fights in NF. But for now i have a lot of leveling, farming and crafting to do. See you ingame.



Ps: I want to say that my english has become rusty over the years, therefore it is not quite as good as it was before and I hope to slowly pick it up until it's better again.

Albion - Guild Nightwatch
Caylon, Paladin
Nimaeth, Scout
Xisira, Theurgist


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