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Patch #206 The Labyrint, Necromancer pets


The Labyrint:
Gearsmith Ajasoa has now his missed follower pets.

Technomancer Prime has now his missed follower pets (constructed rats) and some spells.


Necromancer pets:Bugix
Necro servant pets has now increased spell damage by ~40%
Necromancer pets will no longer turn to the caster, while they are supposed to be casting.

Patch #205 Necromancers and Heals

Necromancers and Heals: (Direkt heals only)

His pet will now be the heal target, as long as he is in shade form and has 100% Healt.


Patch #204 Threurg Pets, Mana Regen, Tinderboxes

Character Classes

Threurg Pets: Bugfix

1. All his ice pets now do near ~double spell damage.

Note: But the damage can change later again, because we first have to extensively test the damage.

2. All of his air pets can now stun again, and we have the proc chance increased by 35% for all pets.

Game World

Mana regen:

We have increased the regen rate a little.

In addition, the rate now doubles when your character sit.


We have increased his duration from 1 min to 5 min.

Tinderboxes can drop as loot or are buyable by Merchants.

They only works in pve Areas.


Patch #203 Keep and tower doors, server not avaible yesterday morning

Keep and tower doors in BGs:

We have fixed a bug that was responsible in all BGs for not being able to use Doors as usual.

Server offline yesterday:
For most of You, the server was offline yesterday morning.
The reason was an expired subscription for the DNS server. We apologize for this.


patch #202 Artifact Master

Artifact Master:(Bugfix)

We fixed a problem that caused you to lose an Artefact-book, if you canceled or close the version selection.


patch #201 You cannot be attacked with your pets

The Bug: Some NPC pets cannot be attacked with your pets.

This is now solved.


patch #200 Damage add, Diving

damage add: Bugfix

We fixed a bug that have every form of (damage add) has affect spell damage.

Diving: Bugfix

We fixed a bug that was responsible for the fact, that you couldn’t follow other players underwater or that you lost sight of them.

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