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  • We are back

    Posted on by elcotek

    We can’t expect you to wait forever, that’s why we’ve put the server back online and hope that there won’t be any more problems.

  • Since there are always attacks on the server

    Posted on by elcotek

    Since there are always attacks on the server, it will remain for a down time.

    He’ll come back up as soon as things are resolved. It can take up to two weeks.


    We apologize for the inconvenience.

  • Patch #210 Daily rewards, Health regeneration

    Posted on by elcotek

    Daily rewards:

    The number of daily rewards is now random.

    Health regeneration:

    The regeneration rate now doubles when the health is equal to or greater than 50% and you are not in combat.

  • Patch #209 Shadow Strike, Animist Creeping path, Melee miss rate

    Posted on by elcotek

    Shadow Strike:

    Shadow Strike is not intended to be used to come in closed keeps. For now, the ability will only work outside of keeps or towers (radius 1200).

    Animist Creeping path:

    His Spore debuff pets will now cast as intended.

    Melee miss rate:

    We have sighly decreased double miss and Fumble rates.

  • Patch #208 Ability: Shadowstrike, New Frontier Task Type

    Posted on by elcotek

    Class Ability: Shadowstrike (bugfix)

    We have now implemented the missing callback timer and its time is 60s after arriving at the target,

    you will be ported back after this fixed time, regardless of whether you are in combat or not.

    New Frontier Task: (This is the first test, and the Quest can change later)

    We have implemented a new task, that restarts every 35 minutes and is supposed to bring more life to RvR.

    You have to conquer one of the three mines in the RvR of alb, mid or hib, which randomly spawn in three places on the RvR map, each realm.

    You must hold it in order to receive the full reward and no opponent can dispute the reward.

    Everyone who is near conquered mines receives a reward at the end.

    Everyone who is in the game, gets this Task in their quest log.


    She can spawn near:

    You can find them near:

    east of Dun nGed Outpost 4

    south of Dun da Behn outpost 4

    north of Dun Bolg Spire 4

    north / west of Blendake Faste outpost 4

    east of Nottmore Aste Outpost 3

    north of Arvakr Faste Spire 4

    Southeast of Caer Eraleigh Spire 3

    Northwest of Caer Sursbroke Guardtower 2

    Northwest of Caer Renaris Watchtower 2


  • Patch #207 Non-vulnerable targets, Los System improvements

    Posted on by elcotek

    Patch #207 Non-vulnerable targets, Los System improvements

    Non-vulnerable targets:(Bugfix)

    We fixed a bug that meant, that some monsters were not attackable in close combat. (Bugfix)

    Los System improvements:(Bugfix)

    We have improved the los system, so that no Guards or Monsters should come through walls if nobody was in view.



  • The new Brotherland-Portal: Version 1.1a is now available

    Posted on by elcotek

    Brotherland-Portal: Version 1.1

    This Software is needed to download the client and connect to the Server.

    In version 1.0 we added some Tools like the Charplan 1.109 and more.

    In Version 1.1 we have added the missing Member Counter for the Server, and we added a link buttom for the new Brotherland Herald.

    In Version 1.1a we fixed a display bug in the Member counter.

  • The Brotherland Herald

    Posted on by elcotek

    Patch #206

    The Brotherland Herald

    We have updated the Herald, It also lists now the number of players are currently on the server.