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May RE: Thanks Schnitte!  

By May, 2 days ago

Brotherlands Inn
  Where we can find a great server TOA as Brotherland now ?   Where you go to now really ?
May Thanks a lot for all. I'm very sad not to say hello to you all day. I miss you already a lot  

By May, 4 days ago

Brotherlands Inn
  Hi Shnitte, I'm going to miss you a lot more than you think very sincerely. I know how much you put all your love and heart into building this unique and more excellent server TOA/international which ...
Alessandro Thanks for all  

By Alessandro, 7 days ago

Brotherlands Inn
  The news of the shut down of the server has made me and my friends of In Vino Veritas extremely sad and sorry. We believed in the server from the beginning, and we rejoiced every time he came back onl...
kyzuma Thanks and GoodBye!  

By kyzuma, 1 week ago

Brotherlands Inn
  Hey all,  I played this server mainly on Alb and a little on Hib as well (don't worry, I didn't abuse pvp/rvr in any way). I played the characters Dotz on Alb and Zxt on Hib along with some other char...
Caly RE: Thanks Schnitte!  

By Caly, 1 week ago

Brotherlands Inn
  Ach geh, echt jetzt? So ganz ohne Vorwarnung? 🙁
Darthknochi RE: Thanks Schnitte!  

By Darthknochi, 1 week ago

Brotherlands Inn
  leider ein allzu bekanntes Leiden ;( alle maulen das nix los is und sind wieder wech, statt zu bleiben damit mehr los is und sich dann die Wundermütze aufzusetzen das alles vorbei is ;(( Vielen Dank f...
Splashy RE: Thanks Schnitte!  

By Splashy, 1 week ago

Brotherlands Inn
  Agree,  Thanks for all the work you put in on the server schinitte. We had a good time playing here. Best of luck.
jothaxeen Thanks Schnitte!  

By jothaxeen, 1 week ago

Brotherlands Inn
  Thanks for everything that you provided this community with!  I had a lot of fun for almost a year playing on this server and would still be playing if we had the population for it.  It is hard to gai...
elcotek Too small population, the server will therefore have to close soon.  

By elcotek, 1 week ago

  Hello dear server community, as you should have noticed, there is hardly anything left on the server.Even on weekends, there are only 13 people online and half of them are BBs.I therefore see the serv...
elcotek German: Zu geringe Population, der Server wird deshalb demnächst schließen müssen.  

By elcotek, 1 week ago

  Hallo sehr Geehrte Servergemeinschaft,   wie ihr schon mitbekommen haben solltet, ist kaum mehr etwas los auf dem Server. Selbst an Wochenenden sind maximal nur 13 Leute online und die Hälfte davon BB...





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