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jothaxeen New Server  

By jothaxeen, 5 days ago

Questions / Fragen
  I'm not sure how many people are playing the new server but for me at least, it's not very appealing. Also, I'm not sure what others think, but for me personally, a server similar to BL2 now but makin...
TheAncient Client download timeout.  

By TheAncient, 6 days ago

  I can download anything at fast speeds except for your client which constantly times out. Do you have a ftp site so I can use a real download client that picks up where it left off when it fails? or p...
elcotek RE: Bot Acct/Main Acct different realms  

By elcotek, 1 week ago

  You can now login all
jothaxeen Bot Acct/Main Acct different realms  

By jothaxeen, 1 week ago

  Looks like I have a similar problem as May had. Now my main account is locked mid, and my bot account is locked hib. And no way to do anything about it for 8 hours so losing a day of playing.
elcotek RE: Server Access - Unable to Login  

By elcotek, 2 weeks ago

Questions / Fragen
  You must lownload the client and portal from forum downloads. Then use a username and pass with lenght +9 letters.   That will work  
jothaxeen RE: Server Access - Unable to Login  

By jothaxeen, 2 weeks ago

Questions / Fragen
  I believe you just put in a username and password you want to use in the portal app or the loader provided on this site and it will create the account. If you matched an already created account with t...
Andrien Server Access - Unable to Login  

By Andrien, 2 weeks ago

Questions / Fragen
  Hello,   How do I log into the server? On Phoenix, you register an account on the forum. The username and pw you create on the forum is used to access the server from the Phoenix launcher.   I created...
elcotek New Additional Server Type at port 10600  

By elcotek, 2 weeks ago

  We have added another Server Type with level 24 cap and new RvR zone. All is caped to level 24, crafting too. The Server ip: is the same but on port 10600. The xp rates are sighly reduced...





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